Finch provides several additional filters for use in templates. See here for inbuilt Jingoo filters.


strftime(fmt, date) parses the string date as an ISO 8601 timestamp and then formats it according to fmt (see here for specification of the format string).


date is an alias for strftime.


strptime(fmt, date) parses the string date according to the format string fmt and then formats it as an ISO 8601 timestamp string.


react(source) looks for a JavaScript file at the path source (relative to where finch has been called from) which should export a function make that is a React component. It returns the result of ReactDOMServer.renderToString(React.createElement(make, { })).


react_static(source) is the same as react, except that it calls ReactDOMServer.renderToStaticMarkup instead of ReactDOMServer.renderToString (see here for the difference).